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To write the USB IMG file to a Flash Card or USB pen drive you can do this with the Unix/Linux command '''dd''':
{{givechoiceVers|Burning the Installation Media#Writing an IMG File to USB}}
'''dd if=<path_to/img_file.img> of=/dev/da0 bs=1m'''
Just substitute da0 with the device name of your USB stick.
NOTE: The USB images are FreeBSD-UFS formatted, and will not show up as a viewable file-system under Windows.
ADD SECTION ON how-to to flash a USB pen drive with the installer image. On Unix system this can be done with dd(1) and on Windows there's the [ physdiskwrite] gui utility written by the M0n0wall crew.

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Release (10.1)
Burning the Installation Media#Writing an IMG File to USB
Upcoming (10.1.1)
Burning the Installation Media#Writing an IMG File to USB
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