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| Belkin 54G
| Belkin 54G (F5D7050)
| rum
| rum
| i386
| i386

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Table 1 provides a handy resource for checking to see if your wireless driver is known to work on FreeBSD and PC-BSD. If a driver that you are using is not listed, please create a wiki account and add it. Devices should be added alphabetically (then numerically).

If you are unsure of the name of your wireless device name, check the output of this command: pciconf -lv | grep wireless.

If your wireless device does not work, take a look at the tables on the Wireless Testing page.

Table 1: Wireless Devices Known to Work

Device Name Driver i386 amd64 Comments
AR5001 ath YES
Belkin 54G (F5D7050) rum i386 external USB
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