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Windows Emulation/9.2

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Wine] is an application that allows you to create a Windows environment for installing Windows software. This can be useful if your favourite Windows game or productivity application has not been ported to Linux/BSD.

Wine is not guaranteed to work with every Windows application. If you are unsure if the application that you require is supported, you can search for it in the Browse Apps section of the Wine Application Database.

Installing and Configuring Wine

Wine can be installed from AppCafe™. In Figure 8.5a, the user has performed a search to fine the Wine PBI.

NOTE: while Wine indicates that it is for the i386 (32-bit) architecture, you can install it on 32- or 64- bit systems using AppCafe™.

Figure 8.5a: Installing Wine from AppCafe™


Once installed, an icon for Wine Configuration will be added to the Control Panel and, depending upon your desktop, a desktop icon may be created as well.

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