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'''Figure 5.9b: Editing the Application Menu using windowconf'''
'''Figure 5.9b: Editing the Application Menu using windowconf'''

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Window Maker is a light-weight window manager that was designed to reproduce the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP user interface.

Figure 5.9a shows a screenshot of Window Maker running on PC-BSD. In this example, the user launched the Application menu by right-clicking an area of the desktop.

Figure 5.9a: Window Maker on PC-BSD


In addition to PC-BSD's utilities, Window Maker provides the following utilities:

  • WPrefs: located as an icon on the desktop (has a screwdriver) and in Appearance -> Preferences Utility. Allows you to configure window focus, window placement, menu alignment, icons, keyboard actions, mouse, fonts, and various other window manager settings.
  • wmakerconf: found in Utils -> wmaker.conf. Allows you to fine-tune your menu entries as well as your desktop's appearance, themes, background, mouse, and special effects. Figure 5.9b shows windowconf with the Menus button selected.

Figure 5.9b: Editing the Application Menu using windowconf


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