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WindowLab is a small and simple window manager. It uses a window resizing mechanism that allows one or many edges of a window to be changed in one action, and an innovative menubar that shares the same part of the screen as the taskbar. It follows a click-to-focus but not raise-on-focus policy. This means that when a window is clicked it gets focus, but it is not redrawn to obscure other windows. This allows one, for example, to switch to a terminal to enter commands while keeping documentation visible in a web browser.

Figure 6.13a shows a screenshot of WindowLab running on PC-BSD 9.1. The right mouse button is pressed in order to display the top application panel. Use the left mouse button or hover over a menu entry to open that application.

You can edit the menu to add the applications you use most often by clicking on "Edit menu". To leave the WindowLab session, select Quit from the application panel.

Figure 6.13a: WindowLab Running on PC-BSD


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