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This page is a list of suggested additions/changes in relation or in addition to an update of the wiki software.

Note: Applied changes from the last update are checked (✔) and briefly listed below. Brand new items since the last update are starred (✳) while recently eliminated items are struck through.

Site Specific

These things are external to the use or running of the Wiki Software. Adjustments in this section may affect access or function of the wiki site as a whole.


  1. HTTPS connections & HTTPS site login ✔
    Banks and lending institutions, email services, and social media, have all turned toward greater security. There is little reason why we should not also protect the logins of our users similarly. It should at least be an option for those users who choose to take advantage of it. This can be accomplished via Secure Page Extension as described below.


  1. Software Updates
    These surely may seem to be frequent.
    • MediaWiki 1.18.1
    • PHP 5.2.14 (apache2handler)
    • MySQL 5.0.92-log
    • Extension:Translate (Version 2012-02-26)
    According to the MediaWiki Extension:Translate page, Translate extension is using continuous development model, which means we are not doing any releases. You should get the latest version from svn and update from time to time to get new features and bug fixes.
  2. Wiki Family ✳
    This appears to be a substantial structural change which would ultimately facilitate site-wide translation, and additional configuration to add language links. Described in the MediaWiki Manual page and specific desired result in Scenario 4.

Wiki Software

These things affect the user experience as directly related to MediaWiki.



  1. CentralAuth
    At the very least, this may be useful for accounts between FreeNAS and PC-BSD, and would also mean the chance for common block/ban lists.
    According to the MediaWiki Extension:CentralAuth page, allows global/shared accounts between projects. This extension adds seven new special pages — Special:AutoLogin (unlisted special page), Special:CentralAuth, Special:GlobalGroupMembership, Special:GlobalGroupPermissions, Special:WikiSets, Special:GlobalUsers and Special:MergeAccount.
  2. Collection
    This seems to allow more flexibility for publishing/export on a per user basis.
    According to the MediaWiki Extension:Collection page, This extension allows a user to organize personal selections of pages in a collection. Collections can be (some features require additional extensions) edited and structured using chapters, persisted, loaded and shared, rendered as PDF, exported as ODF Text Document, exported as DocBook XML, ordered as a printed book at, exported as ZIM file.
  3. Interwiki ✳
    This extension would simplify/facilitate some administrative tasks (Configuring links for a multi-language wiki as in According to the MediaWiki Extension:Interwiki page, This is an extension to add a Special:Interwiki page to MediaWiki, to view and edit the interwiki table, and a log of any actions made with it. It was made by Stephanie Amanda Stevens a.k.a Phroziac, because she was annoyed at forgetting the interwiki prefixes. It's made for MediaWiki 1.6 onwards.
    Version 1.4.1 (2011-06-21) is compatible with mediawiki 1.17 → 1.18 and is at
  4. Secure Pages ✳
    This extension redirects the user to HTTPS on just some pages while redirecting to HTTP on any other page, thus reducing the load on the server due to limited HTTPS usage. Described in the Secure Pages Extension page on the Free Software wiki site.



  1. Allow user-defined CSS
    This will help those who desire something other than the reduced selection of skins proposed. It may also aid with testing future css layout changes (as suggested for NavHeader). Further investigation of this may be needed, in order to be sure it is not something that might enable an exploit of anything.
    (Whether this feature is in fact enabled needs to be absolutely verified, but cursory investigation seems to indicate it is not.)
  2. E-mail authentication
    This may help to reduce the amount of spam on the wiki, and facilitate a level of automatic accountability.
    Except for password reminder e-mails, e-mail functions only work for authenticated e-mail ($wgEmailAuthentication = true)
    Either already enabled (undetermined) or no longer needed.
  3. Restrict editing
    This may help to reduce the amount of spam on the wiki, and facilitate a level of automatic accountability.
    Require e-mail verification before editing certain pages ($wgEmailConfirmToEdit = true).
    Either already enabled (undetermined) or no longer needed.
  4. enable lowercase links ✳
    This will help with the various pieces of software which may have a wiki page (desktops such as evilwm or i3) so that they can be accurately identified (ie, identical to the author's intention and/or FreeBSD port name).
    According to Mediawiki Manual:LocalSettings.php ($wgCapitalLinks = false) allows lowercase characters.



  1. Massive user account cleanup - special situation
    Hundreds or thousands of spam-related and accounts were created on the wiki site prior to the addition of the Asirra extension. A majority of the accounts created up to the end of May 2012 could be safely removed. Further criteria to filter legitimate accounts from the bulk in question may relate to last access time especially in relation to account creation, account name chosen, and general activity.

Concepts needing investigation or discussion


  1. Add class for NavHeader and/or other headers - Proposal
    It may be nice to have a stylesheet item which enables the shift of the page title where NavHeader is used.
    This would avoid the kludge that we are using currently which is simply a negative margin shift plus some markup that causes the header text to be hidden, but it is certainly imperfect- if you notice for redirects, it causes another problem, as well as trying to traverse history of a page.
    Any possible CSS changes have yet to be investigated and determined.


  1. Automatic URL recognition - Proposal
    A URL of whichever type, should require the proper wiki syntax surrounding it. (ie. [] instead of )
    If this can be adjusted with the help of an extension or if it is simply a minor tweak of the parser, is not known, but it makes sense to limit/constrain function of URL entities.
    • Currently links detected within the edit cause activation of an Asirra ConfirmEdit action, and therefore seem to obviate the need of above concept.


  1. Reduce the number of available 'skins' - Proposal
    Vector is the nicest/sharpest skin, but the default (MonoBook) is also reasonable and uses the same general format, which means that CSS designed for use with one, should work with the other, and the NavHeader 'kludge' is effective for both.
    Not all skins include the PC-BSD Logo as shown in the upper left corner in MonoBook or Vector.
  2. Remove some wiki skins - Proposal
    It may reduce the time it takes to maintain a consistent site if there are fewer skins.
    For each skin it may be necessary to verify the function and appearance of site revisions.
    Which of the following?
    • Chick
    • Classic
    • Cologne Blue
    • Modern
    • MonoBook ⇦ Current default
    • MySkin
    • Nostalgia
    • Simple
    • Vector
  3. Make Vector the default skin - Proposal
    As the sharpest-looking skin, it would present the best image to the public.

Applied Changes


  • Site https

06-01-2012 †

  • User styles enabled.
  • WikiEditor seems to have been removed/disabled.

05-01-2012 †

  • ConfirmEdit
  • Asirra
  • Account creation configured to use ConfirmEdit + Asirra option


  • Media Wiki updated from 1.16 to version 1.18.1
  • Translate extension for MediaWiki has been updated to version: ‘2012-02-26’
  • favicion from
  • DoubleWiki
  • Cite
  • ParserFunctions
  • Renameuser
  • Gadgets
  • WikiEditor (included with update to MediaWiki 1.18)

† - date approximated

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