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The following features have been added to or improved for PC-BSD 9.1:

  • Based on FreeBSD 9.1, which includes improved Intel video support.
  • Installer has been revamped to separate pre-installation from post-installation tasks. This makes it easier to automate the roll-out of multiple installations.
  • Installer provides a wizard to install a server. In addition to the base FreeBSD install, the server addition provides the command line versions of the PC-BSD utilities.
  • ZFS section of installer now allows you to set ZFS properties such as compression and quotas, create datasets, and import existing ZFS pools.
  • ZFS datasets can now be used to provide multiple boot environments.
  • Warden® is now built into the operating system and available through Control Panel.
  • Warden® now allows for many portjail sandboxes on a system, rather than just a single one.
  • Warden® now supports the creation of traditional FreeBSD jails for running network services and (a less secure) ports jail for safely installing and running FreeBSD ports/packages from your PC-BSD system. It also supports the installation of Linux within a jail.
  • Warden® now supports using ZFS snapshots within jails.
  • Update Manager has been integrated into Warden®. Combined with the meta-package support, it is now easier than ever to install software into a jail and to keep that software up-to-date.
  • AppCafe® now shows the number of available PBIs and supports automatic updating.
  • An About icon has been added to the Control Panel, making it easy to determine the PC-BSD version and which desktops and version of X have been installed.
  • EasyPBI is now available through Control Panel, making it easier than ever to convert existing FreeBSD ports to PC-BSD PBIs.
  • The GDM configuration GUI has been added to Control Panel and can be used to configure auto-login and remote login through XDMCP.
  • A Mount Tray icon has been added to the Control Panel and System Tray, allowing easy access to USB drives.
  • An Active Directory / LDAP GUI has been added to ??
  • Life Preserver now provides a browse button when creating an include or exclude filter.
  • Thin Client now allows you to create a PXE Boot Desktop Server or a PXE Boot Installation Server.
  •  ??Bug reporting tool?? (HOW TO USE NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO HANDBOOK)
  • Bluetooth configuration GUI added to the System Tray.
  • Fastboot is now enabled by default. On average, startup is now 40 seconds faster.
  • Network Configuration manager now supports 802.1x authentication over Ethernet networks.


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