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The following features have been added to or improved for PC-BSD 9.0:
The following features have been added to or improved for PC-BSD 9.0:

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The following features have been added to or improved for PC-BSD 9.0:

  • the ability to choose from 11 desktop managers during and after intallation
  • PBIs are no longer self-contained and now safely share libraries using a hash database; this feature reduces their download size significantly
  • PBI upgrades are now incremental, meaning that only the changed files need to be downloaded
  • Software Manager has been improved and is now known as AppCafe™
  • the PBI system has been rewritten to allow for scriptable, command line utilities
  • a PC-BSD Control Panel has been added which provides access to the PC-BSD configuration options, regardless of the desktop manager one is logged into
  • configuration utilities from 4 different desktop managers can be added to Control Panel, even when not logged into that desktop manager
  • Update Manager has been rewritten and now allows one to upgrade the operating system, PBIs and software installed with the operating system, to apply security patches, and rebuild the kernel or world
  • a wireless configuration tool has been added to the system tray which shows all available networks and provides a quick connect option
  • Life Preserver has been improved, making it easier than ever to manage backups
  • a Display Manager is now included with Control Panel
  • you can install MythTV or XBMC during or after installation
  • touchscreen drivers are included and will automatically detect touch screens on laptops
  • the amountd script automatically detects USB devices for desktop managers that don't support devd
  • the ability to install directly to Mac OS X BootCamp partitions has been added
  • PC-BSD configuration utilities are single-instance, meaning that you can't inadvertently end up with multiple open copies of the same application
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