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* Based on
* Based on
* The PC-BSD® graphical utilities now use a [[Become_a_Developer/10.1#Basic_Guidelines_for_Writing_a_PC.E2.80.91BSD.C2.AE_Utility|standardized interface guidelines]] that includes shortcut and hot keys to improve accessibility.
* The {{local|link=Lumina}} desktop has been added.
* The {{local|link=Lumina}} desktop has been added.

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The following features or enhancements were introduced for PC-BSD® 10.0.2:

  • Based on
  • The Lumina desktop has been added.
  • The XBMC meta-package has been removed from the installer. The "pcbsd-meta-xbmc" package can be installed afterwards using pkg add or as a "raw package" in AppCafe®.
  • The ability to import an existing ZFS pool has been added to the System Utilities menu of the text-based installer.
  • Package Manager and Update Center have been removed from Control Panel as this functionality is now provided in AppCafe®. pc-metapkgmanager has also been removed as packages can be managed using either AppCafe® or pkg.
  • The ability to choose between PRODUCTION and EDGE package sets has been moved from the Misc tab of System Manager to the Configuration menu of AppCafe®.
  • Many new features have been added to AppCafe®, including the ability to manage PBIs, packages, and meta-packages in one interface. The information about a highlighted PBI includes screenshots, available plugins, similar applications, and a list of the build options that were used for building the PBI. Each PBI has a user rating and an associated wiki page where users can add their own rating and user tips.
  • The pbi_addrepo, pbi_autobuild, pbi_browser, pbi_create, pbi_deleterepo, pbi_indextool, pbi_listrepo, pbi_makepatch, pbi_makeport, pbi_makerepo, pbi_metatool, pbi_patch, pbi_update, pbi_update_hashdir, and pbid commands are now deprecated and have been removed, along with their associated man pages.
  • The pbi_update_makeindex and pbi_updateindex commands have been added to PBI Manager.
  • EasyPBI2 has been updated to version 2.4.1. This version converts pkgNG packages to the new PBIng format. A new Bulk Module Creator has been added which allows the user to automatically build a PBI module for every package in a category, making it easier to create a custom PBI repository.
  • Login Manager has two new options. One can be used to configure the login time delay and the other to force the login user to type in their username.
  • Life Preserver now defaults to “Automatic” which creates a snapshot every 5 minutes, which are kept for an hour, then the hourly is kept for 24 hours, the daily is kept for a month, and the monthly is kept for a year. In addition, if the capacity of the ZFS pool falls below 75%, the oldest snapshot will be auto-pruned.

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