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[[category:What's New in 10.0]]
[[category:What's New in 10.0]]

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The following features or enhancements were introduced in PC-BSD® 10.0:

  • Based on FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE which adds this list of features. NEED URL
  • The installation ISO can now be written to either a DVD or a USB removable drive. This means that only one file needs to be downloaded, regardless of the installation media.
  • A text based installer has been added. When booting into the installer, the initial boot menu can be used to select either the graphical or the text installer.
  • The installer now provides an option to install to an SSD device and will automatically disable swap and the ZFS atime option for SSD installations.
  • The installer now supports stamping the boot disk with the GRUB2 boot loader, the FreeBSD boot loader, or no boot loader. Note that the default of GRUB2 is needed in order to use boot environments.
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