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If you are familiar with using the command line on a FreeBSD system, you can use the '''growisofs''' command line utility to burn the DVD. This utility is included with the dvd+rw-tools FreeBSD port. If that software is not yet installed, issue this command as the superuser:
'''pkg_add -r dvd+rw-tools'''
Depending upon the type of DVD burner hardware, you may have to configure the system to use it. If the device is ATAPI (i.e. not USB or SCSI), the ATAPI driver must be loaded. The superuser can issue this command:
'''kldload atapicam'''
If you just get your prompt back, the driver successfully loaded. If you get the message "kldload: can't load atapicam: File exists", this means that the driver was already loaded. If the device is USB or SCSI, no additional drivers need to be loaded if you are running the generic FreeBSD kernel. After inserting the DVD media into the device, you can start the burn using this command:
  '''growisofs -Z /dev/cd0=PCBSD8.1-x86-DVD.iso'''
If your device is not the first CD device, change the number 0 accordingly. If your ISO has a different name, substitute the correct name in the command shown above.

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