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Hello there..
I used FreeBSD (2.2.6) for a short while a long long time ago, and now have returned but to the PC-BSD (8.0) version.
Once upon a time I managed to get X windows running in BeOS, and in the olden days I had Gno/Me on my Apple IIgs. When I was in school, I took classes in BASIC, LOGO, Pascal, and C. Most of my programming was for class assignments.. and although I was highly interested in writing my own software, I got sidetracked with playing computer games.
These days I am regaining my turbo-c-shell skills, my building/porting, troubleshooting and system administration abilities, and trying to be of some service to the PC-BSD community. You may have read my blog, [http://wiki.spreadpcbsd.org/tiki-view_blog_post.php?postId=22 A Little Demon on My Desktop] at the [http://wiki.spreadpcbsd.org/ PC-BSD advocacy site.]
--[[User:Tigersharke|Tigersharke]] 18:43, 19 December 2010 (PST)

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