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I wanted to do two other things that it seems like I ought to be able to do, but cannot:

 1) create my own User page (why should a user ever be prohibited from creating his/her own User page?);
 2) put an idea forth for discussion on this page: (

I still cannot do either of these things - the Discussion tab on the Hardware Compatibility page is red (= nonexistent page??) and I cannot make anything happen by clicking it. Same is true for the link of my own user name at top. It would appear that I do not have permissions to create a new page anywhere. I can understand that on other discussion pages, but even my own? Beerslayer (talk) 15:55, 12 July 2014 (PDT)

Again, the wiki is for docs, so discussions should occur on existing pages without the need to create new ones.

Regarding the Hardware Compatibility page, docs are versioned and older versions are locked as the docs they were used to create have already been published. You should be able to edit/discuss the current version, let me know if you cannot:

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