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Why is this site so paranoid?

I'm just wondering what has made the site in general so paranoid that it has to be locked down so severely. My posts have been moderated, sometimes not showing up for 24 hours or more. I do not have permission to create my own User page on the wiki. Has there really been this much abuse in the past? I promise I'm not an abuser.

If it's a question of earning some kind of reputation, how can I do that when I cannot even contribute to the discussions? If that's the case, it's a Catch-22: I cannot contribute without earning the reputation, but I cannot earn the reputation without contributing.

Which site, the forums? They are configured to automatically hold new posts for moderation until a user has made a few successful posts. This is necessary to prevent SPAM.

The wiki is meant for the preparation of upcoming docs. If you are unable to edit the docs on a particular page, leave a message on that page's Discussion tab and we'll look into it.

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