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Table  Is there no version? j: Wiki Enhancements [Tables 1]

Various improvement tasks

Feature Owner Status Completion Date Details
“navHeader” template: Develop initial navigation header template. tigersharke@ Finished. The template uses a table for formatting and allowed for defining of back and forward buttons on its page. It also shifted the page title to below the NavHeader, hid the original page title, and shifted/defined the TOC box position.
citelink template: external links list. tigersharke@ Finished a way via the “cite” extension, to provide a "footnote" list of external links.
Key: Bold Roman - required
Roman - required variable value
Italic - optional variable value
Bold Italic - optional variable
Grey Text - Not part of result
1 - specific symbol
2 - two-part template
3 - prevents wiki parser
4 - adds specific style
5 - helper/modifiers

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