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This is a test
          Welcome to PC-BSD!
  1. Boot [default]
  2. Boot with ACPI enabled
  3. Boot in Safe Mode
  4. Boot with verbose logging
  5. Boot to emergency console
  6. Boot with X in VESA mode
  7. Escape to loader prompt
  Select option, [Enter] for default     
  or [Space] to pause timer 9
     ____ ______
    / __ \/ ____/
   / /_/ / /
  / ____/ /___
 /_/ \____/
     ____ _____ ____
    / __ ) ___// __ \
   / __ \__ \/ / / /
  / /_/ /__/ / /_/ /


Editing the wiki

Create an account (and verify your email address).


Translate Help

Thus far it has been determined that success may depend upon one of two things:

  1. Your account will exist for a predetermined amount of time and a preset number of edits (in agreement with policy) are made.
    In the future, a request to a wiki bureaucrat (Krismoore, Drulavigne, Jpaetzel) for translator (and/or translation reviewer) membership could speed/obviate above, but needs to be fully implemented.
  2. Request that an admin (Krismoore, Yerenkow, MelanieV, Drulavigne, Jpaetzel, Tigersharke), or bureaucrat, or other successful editor "fake" translate 100% the desired page.

Templates that facilitate localization


These require that a value be passed to the template to allow for a localization effect.
  • Template:Citelink


Using these templates will automagically provide a localized result. They need not be adjusted or translated, though they may replace the standard wiki markup method for a similar effect.


Provides a method to localize internal links.
{{local|link=page name}}
{{local|link=page name|alternate text}}
{{local|link=page name|anchor=page sub-heading|alternate text}}


These templates require a secondary template (such as those in the section below this one) to be complete and fully functional.
  • Template:Note
  • Template:Warning
  • Template:Danger
  • Template:Refheading

Translated words and phrases

Some templates that may otherwise be automatic may yet require transcluded elements to be localized separately.
  • Template:Word-note
  • Template:Word-warning
  • Template:Word-danger
  • Template:Word-references


  • Template:ExcludeLang
  • Template:GroupList
  • Template:GroupListHeading
  • Template:OurInterwiki
  • Template:SwapTitle
  • Template:Tbl-init
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