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Typically, the PC-BSD® logo icon in the system tray is used to determine if any updates are available through Update Manager, Package Manager, AppCafe®, or Warden®, and if so, to start the appropriate utility in order to install the updates. In 10.0, a new Update Center utility has been added which will eventually provide all of this functionality in one place.

NOTE: This utility is still being tested and is considered to be beta software. Click the "More details..." button seen in Figure 8.2a for more information about features which are not yet implemented. If you come across any issues using this utility, use the PC-BSD®_Bug_Reporting tool to report your observations.

To start the utility shown in Figure 8.2a, go to Control Panel ➜ Update Center or type pc-su pc-updatecenter. You will be prompted to enter your password.

Figure 8.2a: Main Update Center Screen


In this example, system updates are available but all packages and PBIs are up-to-date. Buttons are provided to "Check for updates", and if updates are available, to "Install all updates".

To see the details of available updates, click the tab for the type of update which is available. In this example, the "Package update details" and "Software update details" tabs are greyed out as no updates are currently available. Since system updates are available, the "System update details" tab is available and is shown in Figure 8.2b.

Figure 8.2b: Main Update Center Screen


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