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  # rehash
  # rehash
  # pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType TRUEOS
  # pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType TRUEOS
  # /usr/local/bin/pc-extractoverlay server
  # pc-extractoverlay server
# pc-extractoverlay ports

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With the changeover to PKGNG as the backend in PC-BSD / TrueOS, it is now easier than ever to convert a FreeBSD system into a PC-BSD desktop or TrueOS server.

Our PKGNG repos can also be used by FreeBSD users who just want access to a full package repo, with frequent updates.

Getting Started

On your FreeBSD system, you will first need to install the latest pkgng binaries, located in the ports tree under [ports-mgmt/pkg]

After installing PKGNG, you'll probably want to run the command "pkg2ng" to import your existing packages.

Next, you will need to setup access to the PC-BSD repository. Start by creating the file /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf to look like example below:

packagesite: http://mirrors.isc.org/pub/pcbsd/packages/9.1-RELEASE/amd64
PUBKEY: /usr/local/etc/pkg-pubkey.cert
PKG_CACHEDIR: /usr/local/tmp

You will want to change the packagesite: variable to a particular PC-BSD mirror close to your location, and in addition change the 9.1-RELEASE / amd64 to the release / architecture you want to use. Click here to get a list of mirrors & package sets available.

Next you will need to download our repo's public key, and copy it to /usr/local/etc/pkg-pubkey.cert.

With this in place, you will probably want to start by updating your packages to the latest versions from the repo. You may do so by running the following command:

# pkg upgrade -fy

When that command finishes, you should be good to go! You may now use the pkg command normally to install / remove / upgrade packages from our repo.

Converting to PC-BSD

With your initial repo setup complete, it is now easy to convert your system into a PC-BSD desktop using the following commands:

# pkg install -yf pcbsd-base
# rehash
# pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType PCBSD
# pc-extractoverlay desktop
# pc-extractoverlay ports

With these commands finished, you can now reboot and the GDM login manager will be started automatically bringing you to your desktop. If you want to run the PC-BSD display wizard / first boot wizards you can also trigger that before rebooting:

# touch /var/.runxsetup
# touch /var/.pcbsd-firstboot
# touch /var/.pcbsd-firstgui


If you are using NVIDIA video hardware you may want to load their driver before rebooting into the display wizard:

# pc-metapkgmanager add NVIDIA

Converting to TrueOS

If you wish to convert your server into TrueOS you can quickly do so using the following commands:

# pkg install -yf trueos-base
# rehash
# pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType TRUEOS
# pc-extractoverlay server
# pc-extractoverlay ports
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