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Installing PC-BSD is usually an easy process that "just works". However, sometimes you will run into a problem. This section will look at solutions to the most common installation problems.

Network Installation Fails

When installing over the network, the PC-BSD installer will try to configure any Ethernet interfaces using DHCP. Occasionally it will fail to get an IP address and will be unable to connect to the FTP mirror to get the files needed by the installer. You will know this is the case when the mirror list shown in Figure 4.2b remains greyed out.

You can manually retry getting an IP address from the terminal. To access a terminal, right-click an area on the desktop outside of the installation window and select xterm from the menu. Type ifconfig in the terminal to find out the FreeBSD names for your interfaces. You are looking for an Ethernet entry that shows a status of active. In the example shown in Figure 3.13a, the interface em0 is active but does not have an IP address.

Figure 3.13a: Using ifconfig to Determine IP Address


Once you know the name of the interface, use it with the dhclient command as seen in Example 3.13a.

Example 3.13a: Using dhclient to Obtain an IP Address

dhclient em0
DHCPREQUEST on em0 to port 67
bound to -- renewal in 43200 seconds.

If you can obtain an IP address, you should be able to select a mirror to install from and continue with the installation.

Installation Fails

The PC-BSD installer creates a log which keeps a record of all the steps that completed as well as any errors. Should the installation fail, you can access this log

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