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|1.1|Goals and Features
|1.1|Goals and Features

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|0|Preface |1.|Introduction |1.1|Goals and Features |1.2|What's New|alt=What's New in getVers |1.3|PC-BSD® Releases |1.4|PC-BSD® for Linux Users |2.|Pre-Installation Tasks |2.1|Hardware Requirements |2.2|Laptops |2.3|Partitioning the Hard Drive |2.4|Obtaining PC-BSD® |2.5|Burning the Installation Media |2.6|Using VirtualBox |3.|Installing PC-BSD® |3.1|Language Selection Screen |3.2|System Selection Screen |3.3|Disk Selection Screen |3.4|Installation Progress Screen |3.5|Installation Finished Screen |4.|Post Installation Configuration and Installation Troubleshooting |4.1|Booting Into PC-BSD® |4.2|Language Screen |4.3|Time Zone Selection Screen |4.4|Set Root Password Screen |4.5|Create a User Screen |4.6|Connect to a Wireless Network |4.7|Post Install Finished Screen |4.8|Logging In |4.9|Installation Troubleshooting |5.|Advanced Installation Topics |5.1|Using the Text Installer |5.2|Install a Server |5.2|Convert a FreeBSD System to PC-BSD® |5.3|Using a Rolling Release |5.4|Dual Booting |5.5|Creating an Automated Installation with pc-sysinstall |6.|Desktops |6.1|KDE4 |6.2|LXDE |6.3|Mate |6.4|XFCE4 |6.5|Awesome |6.6|Cinnamon |6.7|Fluxbox |6.8|FVWM |6.9|GNOME3 |6.10|i3 |6.11|IceWM |6.12|Openbox |6.13|Ratpoison |6.14|spectrwm |6.15|WindowLab |6.16|Window Maker |7.|Installing Applications and Keeping Up-to-Date |7.1|AppCafe® |7.2|Package Manager |7.3|Update Manager |7.4|PBI Manager |7.5|pkgng and pc-metapkgmanager |7.6|pc-updatemanager |8.|Control Panel |8.1|EasyPBI2 |8.2|About |8.3|Active Directory & LDAP |8.4|Boot Manager |8.5|Hardware Compatibility |8.6|Service Manager |8.7|System Manager |8.8|User Manager |8.9|Bluetooth Manager |8.10|Mount Tray |8.11|Sound Configuration |8.12|Display |8.13|Disk Manager |8.14|Printing |8.15|Scanner |8.16|Network Configuration |8.17|Firewall Manager |8.18|Adobe Flash Player preferences |8.19|Life Preserver |8.20|PC-BSD® Bug Reporting |8.21|Warden® |9.|Using PC-BSD® |9.1|Java, Flash, and Fonts |9.2|Multimedia |9.3|Files and File Sharing |9.4|MythTV |9.5|XBMC |9.6|Windows Emulation |9.7|Remote Desktop |9.8|Thin Client |9.9|Security |9.10|Accessibility |9.11|Create Your Own PBI Repository |10.|Finding Help |10.1|PC-BSD® Forums |10.2|IRC Channel |10.3|Mailing Lists |10.4|FreeBSD Handbook and FAQ |10.5|Social Media |10.6|Search and Portals |10.7|Other Resources |11.|Supporting PC-BSD® |11.1|Become a Beta Tester |11.2|Become a Translator |11.3|Become a Developer |11.4|Submit PBI Requests |11.5|Test PBIs |11.6|Create PBIs |11.7|Purchase PC-BSD® Swag |11.8|Become an Advocate

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