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(Variation 1)
(Variation 1)
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|PC-BSD Live Mode  
|PC-BSD Live Mode  
|Using VirtualBox  
|Using VirtualBox  
|>|Installing PC-BSD}}
|3|Installing PC-BSD}}
=== variation 2===
=== variation 2===

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How it once was in wiki

How it is now in wiki

Preface 1. Introduction

1.1 PC-BSD's Goals and Features
1.2 What's New in 9.1
1.3 PC-BSD Releases
1.4 PC-BSD for Linux Users

2. Pre-Installation Tasks

2.1 Hardware Requirements
2.2 Laptops
2.3 Partitioning the Hard Drive
2.4 Obtaining PC-BSD
2.5 Burning the Installation Media
2.6 PC-BSD Live Mode
2.7 Using VirtualBox

3. Installing PC-BSD

How it is published deadtree (w/o page#s)

1 Introduction

1.1 PC-BSD's Goals and Features
1.2 What's New in 9.1
1.3 PC-BSD Releases
1.4 PC-BSD for Linux Users
1.4.1 Filesystems
1.4.2 Device Names
1.4.3 Feature Names
1.4.4 Commands
1.4.5 Additional Resources

2 Pre-Installation Tasks

2.1 Hardware Requirements

Concept: how I want it to be



   |PC-BSD's Goals and Features
   |What's New in 9.1
   |PC-BSD Releases
   |PC-BSD for Linux Users
      |Device Names
      |Feature Names
      |Additional Resources

Pre-Installation Tasks
Hardware Requirements

   |Partitioning the Hard Drive
   |Obtaining PC-BSD
   |Burning the Installation Media
   |PC-BSD Live Mode
   |Using VirtualBox

Installing PC-BSD


Test space

Variation 1

1. Introduction

1.1 >
1.2 PC-BSD's Goals and Features
1.3 What's New in 9.1
1.4 PC-BSD Releases
1.5 PC-BSD for Linux Users
1.6 2
1.7 Pre-Installation Tasks
1.8 >
1.9 Hardware Requirements
1.10 Laptops
1.11 Partitioning the Hard Drive
1.12 Obtaining PC-BSD
1.13 Burning the Installation Media
1.14 PC-BSD Live Mode
1.15 Using VirtualBox
1.16 3
1.17 Installing PC-BSD

variation 2

1. Introduction

PC-BSD's Goals and Features
What's New in 9.1
PC-BSD Releases
PC-BSD for Linux Users

2. Pre-Installation Tasks

Hardware Requirements
Partitioning the Hard Drive
Obtaining PC-BSD
Burning the Installation Media
PC-BSD Live Mode
Using VirtualBox

3. Installing PC-BSD

general thoughts

The main plan is to give the same or similar result as now, but with a lot less work, and hopefully the markup is more readable. However, further thought has provoked the second concept with test2 and may sacrifice readabilty for flexibility.
All of tis could be a challenge, because somehow if it is a number then it is indented and prepended to a series of numbers automatically. Such as 1. then 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and supposing a second 1, then it would continue from 1.3, to 1.3.1, 1.3.2 etc. Turning any text into a link is easy. Formatting text is easy enough. I think there are ways to test for numerics versus alphanumeric/letters.
Also, since there is the chance that a link and the link text may be different, I need to figure out how to handle that. This is a challenging wrinkle, since I am trying not to use named variables, and a series of up to 20 seems realistic for each chapter even if it has a second level used such as 1.3.1 mentioned above.

Best case, is that some parts of this can be re-used for a spiffy nav header function, and also for pre-numbering figure numbers for images- since they begin with the chapter or chapter and sub-chapter decimals.

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