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The previous section indicated that new PBI modules are uploaded to the PBI build server. There are actually several build locations, according to PC-BSD version and architecture:

Figure 9.6a shows a sample from the PC-BSD 8.x 32 bit location:

Figure 9.6a: Viewing the Status of PBIs on the Build Server


There are two ways you can assist in testing PBIs.

First, if you wish to help test a PBI before it has been approved, go to the build location for your version and architecture. Find the name of the PBI you wish to test in the Module column and click its hyperlink. You can then download the file with the .pbi extension. If you double-click the downloaded PBI in Dolphin, it will install the PBI for you. If you find any problems with the PBI, send an email to the PBI-dev mailing list describing how to recreate the problem. Include the text of any error messages you receive.

Second, you can try to resolve PBI modules that have a Build Status of FAILED. If you click on the name of a failed module, you can download the build.log.bz2 for that module. To access this file, you can either:

bunzip2 build.log.bz2 to unzip the file so you can send it to a text processor to read it.


bzcat build.log.bz2 to read the file without unzipping it. It will scroll down to the end, where the error occurred. Use bzcat build.log.bz2 | more if you prefer to scroll through the file.

If you think you know the cause of the problem after reading the error messages, you will need the module itself to try to resolve the problem. Modules are located in the PC-BSD subversion repository. To download the module, you can use the svn command. To give an example, the math/scilab PBI was flagged as FAILED in Figure X-XX. To download that module, cd to a suitable directory and issue the following command. Note that the svn command uses the svn:// URI (instead of http://) and does not include the /browser/ section you see in the URL if you use your web browser to browse the modules.

svn co svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pbibuild/modules/math/scilab

This example command will create a directory called scilab and place the module's files in that directory. If you make changes to these files to correct the problem, create a tar.gz of the directory and send the tarball to the PBI-dev mailing list so the changes can be uploaded to the build server.

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