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</noinclude><!-- There must not be any text or spaces after this comment. -->
</noinclude>[[category:uses Txtbox]]

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This template encloses the provided text within a dashed line box. The text to the right of the box may be some type of comment such as "a prompt asking for the root password will open.". The effect will be shrink to fit but the width (depending upon wrap style) of the box can be adjusted if necessary. Note the <nowiki> 'prefixed with a space' formatting trick should be avoided. Other style markup like for italic or bold should be placed directly around the specific content and not around the entire template. Individual # symbols should be replaced with {{pound}} and a series of pound symbols may be enclosed within nowiki tags or they will be parsed as numbered list elements.

Wrap Control

Table  Is there no version? Wrap Options [Tables 1]
our code actual CSS Explanation
pre White-space: pre; default: acts like 'pre' whitespace preserved, text wraps at box border and line breaks.
wrap White-space: pre-wrap; whitespace preserved, text wraps at box border and line breaks. Good for very long commands.
wiki White-space: nowrap; is this the brain damaged method the magic (prefix w/space) wiki text boxes use??
collapse White-space: pre-line; multiple white space collapses, text wraps at box border and line breaks.
code White-space: pre; easier to remember effect name.
normal White-space: normal; multiple white space collapses, text wraps at box border.
override White-space: pre; use for simple 'pre' style formatting
NOTE: There is some weirdness with unintended blank lines at the bottom. For some situations this can be fixed by using one long line that includes a <br> to assist formatting. The default is reasonable for most situations but would require the fix to avoid the extra unneeded space/lines.


{{txtbox|width=value|box=content such as parens containing 5(     ) spaces preserved,
'''second line - {{highlight|note that bold and italic and highlight/redlight}}'''
|txt=Text to right of box<br>''second line'' - {{redlight|are possible too.}}}}


content such as parens containing 5( ) spaces preserved, second line - note that bold and italic and highlight/redlight
Text to right of box second line -  are possible too. 

 Translator:  Please update the last element on this page, and/or locate the {{groupListHeading|group=tables}} line, replace that with {{GroupRefHeading|{{putCommon|19}}}}

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