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(This needs to be adjusted to match the effect of the template) This template encloses the provided text within a dashed line box. The text to the right of the box may be some type of comment such as "a prompt asking for the root password will open." By assigning width it can be adjusted if necessary, otherwise the content to the right of the box defaults to a width of 60% out of the 98% used. Note that formatting is needed (such as <br>) to prevent the content from becoming one long line or paragraph (the <nowiki> or 'leading space' formatting tricks do not work). Other style markup like for italic or bold should be placed directly around the content and not around the entire template.


'''second line - {{highlight|note that bold and italic and highlight/redlight}}'''
Text to right of box<br>
''second line - {{redlight|are possible too.''}}


second line - note that bold and italic and highlight/redlight
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