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{{#if:{{{21|}}}|:{{{1}}}.19 {{{21}}}|}}
{{#if:{{{21|}}}|:{{{1}}}.19 {{{21}}}|}}
{{#if:{{{22|}}}|:{{{1}}}.20 {{{22}}}|}}
{{#if:{{{22|}}}|:{{{1}}}.20 {{{22}}}|}}
<sup class="reference" {{#ifeq:{{{noid}}}|noid||id="ref_{{{1}}}{{{3|}}}"}}>[[#endnote_{{{1}}}{{{3|}}}|[{{{2}}}]]]</sup>

Revision as of 21:53, 30 June 2012

Template:Word-previous/en {{:Translations:{{{1}}}/Page display title/en}} template:testing4 Previous: Error: Your NavHeader assignment is malformed. Placeholder.png Template:Word-next/en {{:Translations:{{{2}}}/Page display title/en}} template:testing Template:Word-next/en {{:Translations:{{{2}}}/Page display title/en}}

Testing5 - just an idea

{{{1}}}.{{{2}}} {{{3}}}

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