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<!-- this equates to the page name without the language even if translated -->
{| class="metadata plainlinks stub" style="background: transparent;"
[[category:{{#titleparts: {{{custompagecategory|{{{custompagename|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}}|1|1}}]]
<!-- this part equates to the language of the page when translated -->
|[[File:{{{icon}}}.png|40x30px|alt={{{subject}}}Stub icon]]
[[category:{{#if: {{#titleparts: {{{custompagecategory|{{{custompagename|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}}|1|2}}|{{#titleparts: {{{custompagecategory|{{{custompagename|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}}|1|2}}|{{{custompagecategory|{{{custompagename|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}} }}]]
|''This [[:category:{{{category}}}|{{{category}}}]] article about {{FULLPAGENAME}} is a [[Stub]]. You can help PC-BSD wiki by [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} expanding it].''
<!-- I think this may have been the basis that my cool 'lost' template grew from -->

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