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(Result: Actually it doesn't still work. The selector thingy was made to be translatable... thats where the error is.)
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This works perfectly below, but not within the wiki pages? Very odd indeed. It uses (or should use) all the same mechanisms.
{{tbl-init|caption=1a. The caption}}
{{tbl-init|caption=1a. The caption}}
!column title
!column title

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{{tbl-init|align=center|caption=1a. The caption}}
{{tbl-title|column title}}

{{tbl-cell|row=1|The content}}
2|The content}}

Also place a total of exactly one <noinclude>{{GroupListHeading|group=tables}}</noinclude> at the bottom of the page, below any existing <noinclude>{{refheading}}</noinclude> and above the category links section.


Table  Is there no version? 1a. The caption [Tables 1]
column title
The content
The content

 Translator:  Please update the last element on this page, and/or locate the {{groupListHeading|group=tables}} line, replace that with {{GroupRefHeading|{{putCommon|19}}}}

Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "Tables", but no corresponding <references group="Tables"/> tag was found
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