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<includeonly><span style="font-size:small">{{{text|{{{1|ERROR}}}}}}</span></includeonly>
<includeonly><span style="font-size:small">{{{txt|{{{1|ERROR}}}}}}</span></includeonly><noinclude>
<noinclude><nowiki><span style="font-size:small">{{{text|{{{1|ERROR}}}}}}</span></nowiki></noinclude>
<!-- (have to fix an error but no time to do it *now*) This allows for small text in a heading.
<nowiki><span style="font-size:small">{{{txt|{{{1|ERROR}}}}}}</span></nowiki>
== Usage in context ==
'''<nowiki>== header text {{</nowiki>smalltext|txt='''''example text'''''<nowiki>}} ==</nowiki>'''
== Result in context ==
== header text {{Smalltext|txt=example text}}== -->

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