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[[Image:home.png|link=PC-BSD_9_Handbook|center|Return to Table of Contents]]
[[Image:previous1.png|left|link={{{back|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}}|Previous: {{ucfirst:{{{back|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}]]<br><br>
== Usage ==
This uses local links, corrects the formatting issue with text wrap under the images, and greatly simplifies the process of adding or editing the navigation header. The home/index link is modified within the template itself, while below may be pasted into a page with minor modifications to define what will become each link and the text for each link's alternate label. Missing link info defaults to the currently viewed page. If capitalization is forgotten, the very first letter gets capped for the label as in "Previous: page name" becomes "Previous: Page name".
'''<nowiki>{{</nowiki>NavHeaderLast|back='''''name of the previous page''''''''}}'''

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