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[[Image:home.png|link=PC-BSD_9_Handbook|center|Return to Table of Contents]]
{| style="border:2px solid #DF3000; background-color:#FF5090; width:50%; margin:0 auto; padding:.2em; text-align:justified; margin-bottom:3px;"
[[{{{back|Image:previous1.png|link={{FULLPAGENAME}}|left|Previous: }}}{{ucfirst:{{{back|error in nav header }}} }}]]
|+ Message to wiki editors:
[[Image:next1.png|right|{{{forward|link={{FULLPAGENAME}} }}}|Next: {{ucfirst:{{{forward|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}]]<br><br>
| [[Image:important.png|30px]]
| '''Error in ''NavHeader'', please look over your recent edit.'''

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Important.png Error in NavHeader, please look over your recent edit.