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This will assist with frequent transition between versions for minor adjustments to the “PC-BSD® Users Handbook” page by automatically matching the version. The 10.1 version text is used only when it matches the version, otherwise the release text is used. Two phrases are chosen by either 'intro' or 'title' as shown below:




This is the wiki area for the collaborative editing of the upcoming edition (rolling releases up to the next release, version 10.1) of the PC‑BSD® Users Handbook. If you are using STABLE or would like to assist in documenting the next release, refer to this wiki version of the Handbook. Otherwise, refer to the 10.0 PC‑BSD® Users Handbook, or the revision of the PC‑BSD® Users Handbook that matches your RELEASE version of PC‑BSD®.





Work in Progress: PC-BSD® Users Handbook (Rolling Release)


PC-BSD® Users Handbook (Published Release )