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<includeonly>'''[[{{{title|}}}|{{{1|}}} {{{alt|{{{title|Missing title}}}}}}]]'''</includeonly>
<includeonly>'''{{local|link={{{title|}}}|{{{1|}}} {{{alt|{{{title|Missing title}}}}}}}}'''</includeonly><noinclude>
== Usage ==
== Usage ==

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This assumes local links, and reduces the typing needed when adding to or editing the Table of Contents. Below may be pasted into a page with minor modifications to define what will become each link and the text for each link's alternate label. Missing or malformed link info triggers a visual error image while properly formed but links to missing pages are added to the Special:wanted pages list. Text ought to be formatted with desired capitalization. The numeric need only be added once but can be first or second. If a blank line for spacing between list items is desired, the template:hierB itself needs to be modified. Output of template:hierB displays as bold and is not indented but is otherwise identical to template:hier.

{{hierB|<optional numeric>|title=<name of the page to list>|alt=<alternate title text>}}

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