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(Created page with "<ref group="tables">table</ref> <onlyinclude><span class="plainlinks">[{{template:ourInterwiki|first={{{1|}}}}}{{{url|{{{2|{{{1|}}}}}}}}} {{{txt|{{{3|{{{2|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}}]</...")
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<ref group="tables">table</ref>
<ref group="tables">table</ref>
<onlyinclude><span class="plainlinks">[{{template:ourInterwiki|first={{{1|}}}}}{{{url|{{{2|{{{1|}}}}}}}}} {{{txt|{{{3|{{{2|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}}]</span>{{#tag:ref|{{ourInterwiki|first={{{1}}}}}{{{url|{{{2|}}}}}}|name="{{ourInterwiki|first={{{1}}}}}{{{url|{{{2|{{{1}}}}}}}}}"}}</onlyinclude><noinclude>  <!-- above works as is. do not adjust -->
<onlyinclude><span class="plainlinks">[{{{url|}}} {{{txt|{{{3|{{{2|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}}}}]</span>{{#tag:ref|{{{url|}}}|name="{{{url|{{{2|{{{1}}}}}}}}}"</onlyinclude><noinclude>  <!-- above works as is. do not adjust -->
== Explanation ==  
== Explanation ==  
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: '''<nowiki>{{Citelink|</nowiki>'''''shortcut'''''|url='''''page URL'''''|txt='''''alternate text'''''}}'''
: '''<nowiki>{{Citelink|</nowiki>'''''shortcut'''''|url='''''page URL'''''|txt='''''alternate text'''''}}'''
::'''Example:''' <nowiki>[ faq on wikipedia]</nowiki> '''becomes''' <nowiki>{{citelink|wikipedia|url=faq|faq on wikipedia}}</nowiki>
::'''Example:''' <nowiki>[ faq on wikipedia]</nowiki> '''becomes''' <nowiki>{{citelink|wikipedia|url=faq|faq on wikipedia}}</nowiki>
==== Current defined shortcuts ====
:      {{padright:commons -|15|-}} {{http}}
:          {{padright:fbsd -|15|-}} {{http}}
:        {{padright:fbsddh -|15|-}} {{http}}
:        {{padright:fbsdh -|15|-}} {{http}}
:        {{padright:fbsdph -|15|-}} {{http}}
:            {{padright:mw -|15|-}} {{http}}
: {{padright:mediawikiwiki -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:mediazilla -|15|-}} {{http}}
:          {{padright:meta -|15|-}} {{http}}
:          {{padright:trac -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:wikibooks -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:wikimedia -|15|-}} {{http}}
:      {{padright:wikinews -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:wikiquote -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:wikisource -|15|-}} {{http}}
:  {{padright:wikispecies -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:wiktionary -|15|-}} {{http}}
:            {{padright:wp -|15|-}} {{http}}
:    {{padright:wikipedia -|15|-}} {{http}}
:  {{padright:wikiversity -|15|-}} {{http}} <!-- OurInterwiki template cannot transclude here. -->
== Implementation - 2nd part ==
== Implementation - 2nd part ==

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[tables 1] [ ]Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content

Special External

The URL is for a site not part of the PC-BSD wiki, but has a defined shortcut such as for wikipedia.
{{Citelink|shortcut|url=page URL|txt=alternate text}}
Example: [ faq on wikipedia] becomes {{citelink|wikipedia|url=faq|faq on wikipedia}}

Implementation - 2nd part

The refheading template method to satisfy the per-page part.

Place one <noinclude>{{refheading}}</noinclude> at the bottom of the page, above the category links section.
  • A large red text warning message which mentions <ref> is automatically generated by the wiki when the second half of the setup is missing.

Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "tables", but no corresponding <references group="tables"/> tag was found
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