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PC-BSD is more than a cool operating system. It is a community of users, where each user is welcome to contribute their talents in order to constantly improve PC-BSD and the PC-BSD computing experience. The Handbook has many ideas to get you started in contributing to the PC-BSD community.

If you are looking for more specific ideas, here is a categorized list of open tasks that need your help.


  • review Handbook for typos, grammos, unclear sections, and fix as needed
  • review Handbook for outdated content and update as needed
  • create a script to generate HTML and/or PDF version of Handbook from the individual wiki pages
  • assist in creating and reviewing Help text for PC-BSD specific GUI screens
  • review PC-BSD website for typos, grammos, bad links, unclear, outdated, or missing information, and fix as necessary


  • review the Overall Completion column at the PC-BSD localization site to see if your language is fully translated; if not, help to translate the outstanding pages and review the translations that are pending review
  • assist in translation of other PC-BSD websites



  • create hardware probe script that sends info about unsupported hardware to a centralized database
  • create device auto-probe tool which checks for any driver-less PCI devices and tries to locate and load correct module for that particular ID; may require knowledge of C

Quality Assurance

  • install and use one of the desktop environments supported in 9.0 and report any bugs to the appropriate testing forum
  • review recent commits, test new functionality and report any bugs or improvement suggestions


  • assist in creating content for Spread PC-BSD, such as website banners, wallpapers, videos
  • create brochures suitable for handing out at events
  • organize a PC-BSD event at your school
  • create and deliver a PC-BSD presentation at a conference
  • create missing versions of virtual images and upload to sites such as VirtualBox Images


  • review current website statistics mechanism to see how it can be improved to gather statistics such as what information is important to users and download trends (e.g. which mirrors receive most traffic, number of DVD downloads vs boot-only downloads, geographic stats, etc.)
  • datamine forums to see which questions remain unanswered in the Handbook or FAQs


  • create videos demonstrating how to perform common tasks on PC-BSD

User Interface

  • review PC-BSD specific menus and give feedback on how to improve their help texts, layout, and flow

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