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I am surprised no one has used this discussion page to talk about stuff in the wireless section. Even if you have doubts something works. Well for the first post I will confirm on x86 bwn-firmware-kmod works for bcm4311. I will try later on on amd64 arch of pcbsd when i reinstall the os for tutorial purposes (and that will be when i get a decent manual focusing camera that is good on close ups (even extreme ones)). Unless you like to share another method of doing so without rewiteing on my /dev/ada0 . Well until later!


I have tested the ndis driver for RTL8185 on i386. Don't use the most recent version of the driver, I could not get it to work. Instead use XP version 1.10, It is 290,944 bytes in size. Could not get it to automatically initialize the device at boot time, I have to manually load it. I'll be looking into remedying that. You might also have to manually configure your network settings as the graphical network manager did not work for me. I'll be testing it on amd64 once I download and install it. Until then Happy Wireless Configuring!

Just finished setting up amd64 system. XP64 driver version 1.10 does work (using it now). Driver is 385,536 bytes in size (before conversion). Follow the same procedures as the i386 driver to set it up.


Double fault panic with NDIS drivers

In case you encounter double fault panic when loading NDIS drivers that most likely point to small KSTACK_PAGES. Some Windows NDIS(r) drivers expect much bigger stack. On FreeBSD i386 KSTACK_PAGES is only 2, on FreeBSD amd64 it is 4. Increasing it to 12 and recompiling kernel(not just ndis modules) should be enough.

To change KSTACK_PAGES in your custom kernel add following line:

option KSTACK_PAGES 12

Page edits to make

Where 'this' as a link is used for a pastebin location that contains things such as lines to add to loader.conf, the content ought to be txtboxed (if possible, otherwise inline) instead of the link.

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