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When prompted to enter the nic, it is rather less than explanatory, even with it being more spelled out as below. Is the interface name /dev/re0 or simply re0. A mouse-over of the ethernet or wifi icons in the system tray gives the detail "Device Name: /dev/re0". There is also no feedback on whether the correct information was given, though note the bad syntax caused by the omission of what is being used, in the last line.

Which network interface do you want to run jails on?
nic: input your interface name here
Using for jails

This may be more of an adjustment to the script, than a significant documentation change. Perhaps 'network device' may be better than nic. Entering simply re0 may in fact not work but there is no indication of it other than the entry not being explicitly acknowledged.

--Tigersharke 00:01, 19 April 2011 (PDT)

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