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Translation of the Handbook - ideas from left field

Is it possible to have a dual-pane wiki?
In this arrangement, the left pane would always be the English version, and the right pane would be an identical but translated version. This might allow earlier access for the translators while continuing access to further the changes to the original. It could help in some cases where the original English is not worded clearly enough to allow a coherent translation. To further this concept would be similar to the Google translate how it highlights on mouse-over the words/phrase that are meant to be equivalent. Of course, being that any page might not be finalized until the system itself has been frozen, it may mean more repeated work but then with anything in transition it implies continued work.
A cvsup sort of situation
This could be an alternative to the previous thought, or perhaps used in conjunction with it. This perceived solution is to allow quicker updates specific to the translation process. This way the entire handbook that the translator works with is kept current locally and also remotely.
Dual language pdf?
How is the conversion to pdf handled? Could this be configured to have each set of facing pages be, left English and right its translation or blank for editing? This is functionally identical to the dual-pane wiki concept above, but would both more easily mesh with the cvs idea and a local/remote environment.
This is to say that a nearly constant internet connection would not be required. It would only be necessary to update periodically.
Also, though I do not propose any official translation to 'Swedish chef,' the concept of encheferization may be helpful as described at wikipedia below.
Whereas it could not be expected that a test team would know every language to which a product might be aimed, by translating the parts that were supposed to be internationalized through the encheferizer to produce a localized version for Swedish Chef speakers, testers could immediately spot mistakes in the internationalization – parts that had been missed – as anything that had not been localized (encheferized) would show up in the language of the original author of the text. All the same, a tester would be able to test the product functionally, as it takes little language skill, and no software, to be able to decheferize the text: its meaning is clear even when encheferized.

Well.. those are some thoughts I had rattling in my ballpark :) Translation of the handbook may not be going slowly but it gives me that impression. I hope that this could be done more easily or more efficiently, and also address the possible lack of a current translated handbook especially for those testing but not English fluent.

--Tigersharke 22:29, 12 April 2011 (PDT)

for tigersharke

1. kinda: (??) (!)

2. Obviously... svn. just not enabled yet.

3. the pdf export? There's an option for that on pdf to do just that. However, I prefer that the user download the pdf of the locale handbook, instead of doing that. To parse the other language pages and publish the pdf, there's another extension for that.

4. Use the wiki api to connect to external editors. update via svn or the regular method.

5. will learn

for now, read the mediawiki documentation and watch youtube videos

PS with love and concern --Bebuxe 22:33, 27 July 2011 (PDT)

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