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X - Possible but requires seperate additional configuration.

Windows/MS equivalent (KDE, other window managers?)

Some temporary links (or a temporary location for them)
One source of info
General X info at wikipedia
What seems to be the most related info in the FreeBSd handbook
Access X from windows
remote desktop

To allow a secure shell connection into your PC-BSD/FreeBSD machine:

Create an exception for the firewall:

  • Open the PC-BSD Control Panel
  • Open the 'Firewall Manager'
    • Select the 'Exceptions' tab
    • Click the 'Add Entry' button
      • Select 'ssh' from the 'service' dropdown which will auto-fill the port with 22
      • Adjust the interface to match your network device.
    • Select the 'general' tab
      • Click the 'restart' button

Enable the secure shell daemon

  • Open the PC-BSD Control Panel
  • Open the 'Service Manager'
    • Scroll down the list to 'sshd'

To access your machine, from a shell prompt type: ssh <ip>

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