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Reorganize the handbook espc. related to AppCafe®

This control panel chapter should include an AppCafe® section. The Series chapter that Using AppCafe® is part of, should be distributed into other areas of the handbook. A new series chapter, The Commandline Method to be placed nearer the back of the handbook, containing another hierarchy of all areas previously described with the cli commands and how-tos. Each location in the earlier chapters where those sections/chapters had been, will have a link pointing to the location in the new series chapter. (I would say page if every title in the table of contents resulted in exactly one 8.5x11" page, and so I created a new name to describe it :) Another new series chapter, Troubleshooting which is another hierarchy to draw all other places that have troubleshooting instruction. A start to identifying these is the troubleshooting category, which is simply the category marker where the word is used.

Part of the trouble with all of the above, is the size and proximity to release. Can it all be accomplished before then?

I will try to flesh out this idea a bit better hopefully within the next week, or asap :) depends how bored/focused I am now :D

Beginning of proposed changes to structure

1. Introduction
1.1 PC-BSD's Goals and Features
1.2 What's New in 9.1
1.3 PC-BSD Releases
1.4 PC-BSD for Linux Users
2. Pre-Installation Tasks
2.1 Hardware Requirements
2.2 Laptops
2.3 Partitioning the Hard Drive
2.4 Obtaining PC-BSD
2.5 Burning the Installation Media
2.6 PC-BSD Live Mode
2.7 Using VirtualBox
3. Installing PC-BSD
3.1 Starting the PC-BSD Installation
3.2 Language Selection Screen
3.3 Desktop Selection Screen
3.4 Disk Selection Screen
3.5 Installation Progress Screen
3.6 Installation Finished Screen
4. Post Installation Configuration and Installation Troubleshooting
4.1 Booting Into PC-BSD
4.2 Language Screen
4.3 Time Zone Selection Screen
4.4 Set Root Password Screen
4.5 Create a User Screen
4.6 Connect to a Wireless Network
4.7 Post Install Finished Screen
4.8 Logging In
4.9 Installation Troubleshooting
5. Advanced Installation Topics
5.1 Install PC-BSD Server Edition
5.2 Dual Booting
5.3 Multiple Boot Environments
5.4 Upgrading PC-BSD
5.5 Creating an Automated Installation with pc-sysinstall
6. Desktops
6.1 GNOME2
6.2 KDE4
6.3 LXDE
6.4 XFCE4
6.5 Awesome
6.6 EvilWM
6.7 Fluxbox
6.8 FVWM
6.9 i3
6.10 IceWM
6.11 Openbox
6.12 Spectrwm
6.13 WindowLab
6.14 Window Maker
7.  Installing Applications and Keeping PC-BSD Updated  ?
7.1 Using AppCafe®
7.2 PBI Manager
7.3 Update Manager
7.4 Meta Package Manager
8. Control Panel
... AppCafe®
8.1 EasyPBI
8.2 About
8.3 AD & LDAP Configuration
8.4 Hardware Compatibility
8.5 GDM Configuration
8.6 Service Manager
8.7 System Manager
8.8 User Manager
8.9 Mount Tray
8.10 Sound Configuration
8.11 Display
8.12 Printing
8.13 Network Configuration
8.14 Firewall Manager
8.15 Life Preserver
8.16 Warden®
8.17 Thin Client
9. Common Tasks
9.1 Java, Flash, and Fonts
9.2 Multimedia
9.3 Files and File Sharing
9.4 MythTV
9.5 XBMC
9.6 Windows Emulation
9.7 Bluetooth Manager
9.7 Remote Desktop
9.8 Security
... Troubleshooting
.. Installation
10. Finding Help
10.1 PC-BSD Forums
10.2 IRC Channel
10.3 Mailing Lists
10.4 FreeBSD documentation Handbook and FAQ
10.5 Social Media
10.6 Search and Portals
10.7 Other Resources
11. Supporting PC-BSD
11.1 Become a Beta Tester
11.2 Become a Translator
11.3 Become a Developer
11.4 Report Bugs
11.5 Request PBIs Submit PBI Requests
11.6 Test PBIs
11.7 Create PBIs
11.8 Purchase PC-BSD Swag
11.9 Host a Mirror
11.10 Seed a Torrent
11.11 Become an Advocate
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