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== Further suggested additions ==
* WPA/WEP passkey configuration in network setup during install- supposing secured wifi is the sole internet access but a proxy is not needed/desired.
* Add forensic tools to Live Mode- Scalpel (when ported) and Foremost or similar.
* Simply offer a PC-BSD 'standard' set of control panel items (which could also be adjusted via cli if possible) for all common System needs. Possible items to include if they do not already exist. '''''Brand''' these PC-BSD developed items with the fireball logo'' so they can be easily identified.
** Audio - auto-sense headphone connection, dolby/surround, assign specific output/volume to program/device
** Display - including multi-head
** Input - keyboard, mouse, touch, tablet/stylus
** Printer - could include fax
** Network - wifi, ethernet, pppoe, dialup/modem
** Scanner
** Search - A GUI to Locate would be great, though searching within a file could be added, I suppose.
The additional idea aside from having more control of necessarily configurable OS features and availability of them to the system in general (regardless), is that possibly other DE/WM included versions which may be buggy or resource wasteful could be turned off or deinstalled.

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