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Clarity issue?

Umm.. between 'PBI Module builder guide' and 'PBI Manager' wiki pages, there seems to be some disagreement of duplicated topics- specifically the pbi.conf file. One may be incomplete, therefore only tells of like 5 variables to use within the pbi.conf file, while the other shows the firefox pbi.conf file containing those and more stuff.


My *primary* need, is to know how to build a PBI from a port, and have it use the options I choose (as 'make config' would allow) if building directly from ports. I have tried unsuccessfully to get Quassel (irc client/core/mono suite) to successfully build just the mono[lithic] version.

--Tigersharke 01:03, 26 September 2011 (PDT)

Answer via mailing list:

At this time, you would need to add additional ports or make options into a PBI module by hand.
For your example:
1) Use EasyPBI to create a module for mail/claws-mail
2) Open up (home-dir)/EasyPBI/Modules/claws-mail/pbi.conf
3) Edit the PBI_MAKEOPTS line to read: [PBI_MAKEOPTS="WITH_SPAMASSASSIN=yes"] (quotes needed)
4) Save the file and then use that module to build your PBI with EasyPBI
(in our example freshports only lists SPAMASSASSIN as a make option, the actual makefile shows the actual variable that needs to be set is WITH_SPAMASSASSIN).

--Tigersharke 01:04, 7 February 2012 (PST)

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