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Talk:Life Preserver/10.0

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Linux Port

What are the tasks or what would be needed to port Life Preserver to Linux? At least introducing a system call abstraction layer.

- I believe that Life Preserver heavily leverages ZFS at present, so one thing a Linux port would need is strong ZFS support- send/receive for sure and possibly more. I am not the developer involved, however source should be available from the git repo. --Tigersharke (talk) 00:42, 18 February 2014 (PST)

Life-Preserver backend is mostly shell, and uses the same ZFS commands which would be available on Linux ZFS implementations. The GUI is Qt4 and could easily be ported over as well. While I have no plans on porting it to Linux, there is no reason a Linux developer couldn't do so. Its all available in our GIT repo. - Kris Moore

BTRFS Support

What are the tasks or what would be needed to support BTRFS in addition to ZFS? At least introducing a file-system call abstraction layer.

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