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Possible feature request: time server configuration

Some may recognize the following from a pc-bsd testing mailing list entry.

I am wondering about how we could include configuration for ntpd (ntp.conf) in a way that is more specific to the localization setting chosen by the user during installation. I am also thinking that this could be set automatically without interaction or only to choose a more specific server.

We have the ntp.conf file which includes the FreeBSD time server pools, but also in there is mention of how specific country time server pools could be defined, which I did manually as in the snippet below: ( 'us' had been 'CC' )

 #server iburst maxpoll 9
 #server iburst maxpoll 9
 #server iburst maxpoll 9
 #server iburst maxpoll 9

 # If you want to pick yourself which country's public NTP server
 # you want sync against, comment out the above servers, uncomment
 # the next ones and replace CC with the country's abbreviation.
 # Make sure that the hostnames resolve to a proper IP address!
  server iburst maxpoll 9
  server iburst maxpoll 9
  server iburst maxpoll 9

The site seems to suggest that time server pools can be chosen in varying degrees of exactness, from worldwide down to continent down to subcontinent/country.

Potentially it could be arranged similar to and there seems to be enough space for inclusion here

In my opinion, it may be best to keep the numbers of questions or options and configurations during installation to a minimum. I see the potential for this time server pool to be chosen automatically, based upon the user's choice of localization.. at least it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

So, anyone who would be implementing this or has knowledge of what is involved, is welcomed/encouraged to chime in.. I suppose this is at heart a feature request/suggestion.

--Tigersharke 11:42, 12 April 2011 (PDT)

Using Alt when window is to large for screen.

The installer window is to big to fit in some smaller screens. The result is you can't see the buttons at the bottom of the window.

The simple solution is that you can move the window by holding Alt and using the mouse. You can also use Alt+N for the Next button etc.

I think a note about this in the handbook should be included because if you don't know about it your stuck.

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