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Firewire issue on some motherboard models

Not sure where to put this, right now:

Trouble booting 8.2 with motherboard model "Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD (revision 1)" is fixed by disabling the built-in Firewire from BIOS. The error message at boot is "run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 300 seconds for xpt_config" and seems to be an old issue also affecting 7.2 since May. Also, since the exact trouble does not seem to have been traced, the above motherboard had an "intel core i7" processor installed.

Do you know if this is still an issue in 9.0 or has it been fixed?

Nope. I don't know that it has been corrected, but I think I may have still seen mention of the above as a solution. We'll have to check again to see if fixed in the RCs.

I had posted the firewire issue here that someone else had. I hope those who have the firewire trouble can be contacted. :)

Likely hardware notes for this upcoming release (currently 404):

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