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Problems solved:

  • A new template makes the translcusion of the pages simpler by adding the lost header.
  • Adding the missing header from each page allows sections to be referenced by the index that precedes them to a location on this page.
  • The transclusion of the unnecessary Navheaders is accomplished by wrapping them in a <noinclude>tag set</noinclude>

As yet, it appears no further tweaks are needed.. but perhaps another template might ease the process :)

organization: by page vs generated toc

I think the only way we can auto-generate a TOC that matches the layout of the printed handbook, is to have nearly static primary pages which contain sourced content from other pages. There could still be an organization like it is now, but especially on flat_html, it would get ordered in a way that would cause proper numbering to be generated.

In our table of contents page, all of the bolded titles would become the primary pages. I would prefer that these primary pages not actually have content of their own, but transclude it instead. We can adjust the visible page names but I believe the auto-generated toc (in the box on the flat_html page) uses the actual page names. This is something to investigate prior to much work on v9.2 handbook.

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