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Talk:Dual Booting

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The option to install a boot loader during PC-BSD installation is no longer present in the GUI, hence the mods to the discussion around recovering from "accidental use" of that previously available option.

Unsure exactly how/where to fit this in:


From commandline:

boot0cfg -B ada0

Grub 2

I noticed the section on Grub 2 is a little out of date. The map command is a legacy command. In Grub 2, it was renamed to drivemap. Also, the device names changed slightly in Grub 2: the partitions of the hard drive are counted from 1 instead of 0: so, (hd0,msdos1) is the first partition of the first hard drive.

drivemap isn't actually needed to boot PC-BSD if it's on the second disk, at least for me. My menuentry is something like this:

menuentry "PC-BSD 9.1" {
insmod ufs2
set root=(hd1,msdos1)
chainloader +1

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