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== Audio Control ==
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Another item that should be addressed is audio. KDE offers a sometimes frustrating audio setup manager that leads one to believe there is perfect integration with GStreamer, or Xine, or VLC. The KMix does adapt to adding treble and bass when setup via editing of non-kde files in /etc or /boot. However, even on a good day there seems to be a lack of consistency. Each program can wrest control of a seperate virtual channel which is nice, except when one program chooses to play from the headphone jack while another uses the internal speaker. These things should be configurable and not necessarily in such a way that flexibility is lost, but so that such settings might be accessible universally, consistently, and completely. I would like to suggest such a beast, which would work across environments the same as AppCafe and Control Panel are intended, and that would allow selection/configuration of sound codecs, mixers, and output. KDE seems to have a general concept reasonably fleshed out, but it is KDE specific (which also means no choice to install *only* kmix seperate from juk and dragonplayer etc, without specific modification prior to build).. being KDE specific eliminates it from being perfectly universal, but it does use Qt. A tray-dockable volume control slider tied to a mixer the way Kmix is, would be nice but shouldn't be considered mandatory.
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