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helpful for USB sticks

  • no need to zero the entire thing, can be a limited zero that will be as effective- dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/usbstick bs=1024 count=10
  • If KDE or Dolphin or Device Notifier succeed to mount a USB stick but you cannot unmount it, even when you are not actively using it, switch to root and then issue the shell command.
  • A USB stick can be subdivided as any other HDD could: first gpart create, then newfs. So, gpart create -s MBR /dev/usbstick then gpart add -t freebsd -s <size you want> /dev/usbstick and finally, mount -t ufs /dev/usbstick /mount/point. If a USB stick might be used for an installer image, one slice could be 5120M and the remaining space is chosen by leaving off the size designation, such as gpart add -t freebsd /dev/usbstick. To use the first partition of the usb stick for the image, use dd if=<image> of=/dev/da0s1 bs=512M.

Of course the above is generic and some adjustments are needed.

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