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(categorize as category:Bluetooth?: delete my own section (i am just doing it!))
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== categorize as [[:category:Bluetooth]]? ==
(The following section is not so important!)
I am not sure how to categorize. :-(
There is a [[:category:Bluetooth Manager]]. Is that the right one?
In my point of view, there is an other solution: What is about creating a [[:category:Bluetooth]] and categorize [[Bluetooth Testing|this page]] and the [[Bluetooth Manager | the page ''Bluetooth Manager'']] with it. But what is a about the [[:category:categories]] for the [[:category:Bluetooth Manager]] then? Cut and Paste it to [[:category:Bluetooth]]?
If there is somebody out, who can make a decision: You have not to answer this "stupid" question. Just do the "needed" changes. I will see the result in the [[Special:RecentChanges]].
Thanks for your effort!
--[[User:Vater|Rg]] 15:44, 29 July 2012 (PDT)

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