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Applying online-updates to your PC-BSD system is easy. The PC-BSD Update Manager, located in your system tray, helps you to keep PC-BSD up-to-date by downloading and installing the latest patches and updates for you.

While starting up, PC-BSD will by default check if any updates are available (Internet connection is required). The Updater icon in the system tray (right hand bottom of the screen near the clock) shows whether or not your system is up-to-date.

There are five different states of the Updater system tray icon:

Updated.png - Your system is up-to-date

Working.png - Looking for updates and patches

Sysupdates.png - Your operating system is out-of-date; system update(s) and patch(es) are available to be downloaded and installed

Pbiupdates.png - PBI update(s) are available for downloading and installing

If you right-click the icon, you will see the menu shown in Figure X-XX:

Figure X-XX:

Update systray.png

Double-clicking the notifier will launch the PC-BSD Update Manager, and any available online update(s) will be listed. You can also launch this utility by going to the KDE menu -> System Settings -> Software & Updates. The PC-BSD Update Manager contains three tabs, seen in Figure X-XX, and a configuration button.

Figure X-XX:

Update manager.png

The System Updates tab of the PC-BSD Update Manager utility, seen in Figure X-XX, allows you to easily apply security patches and update system drivers.

Figure X-XX:


Though the installation of updates is highly recommended as they make your system more secure, add more functionalities and fix bugs, these updates are not mandatory; you’re free to download and install (a selection of) them.

Select the online update(s) you wish to install, and click the "Install selected updates" button. You can watch the update's progress as seen in Figure X-XX:

Figure X-XX:


The patches will now be downloaded and applied to your system. If the patch requires a reboot you will be notified to do so after the patch has been installed. When the installation of the update(s) has successfully completed, the Installer will notify you of this with either "Updates successfully installed" or "Updates successfully installed! Your system will need to reboot to finish". In the latter case, clicking the OK button won't reboot the PC automatically. Finish whatever you're doing and reboot the computer at a convenient time manually.

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